Do yourself honey, I am cooking!

Really, just now I realized the brilliancy of our respected ancestors that how beautifully they already set the easiest life tasks for their women and coming generations too. 

I mean when I look back at my life to check what great I did so far, I can hardly recall any great email written to any CEO or compliments or amazing meetings. But I had so many weird n restless incidents of getting physically touched oops moments or getting cold looks from highly posted Bosses for sure, not worth recalling even. 

But wait my trauma kept going on being mother of two little kids, than being remarried widow n step mother to grown up adult kids and my job with an airlines. I was literally in mess. Waking up, cooking breakfast, lunch boxes and dinner.Than running to office and spending whole day in great airlines atmosphere. Evening was all about home work of kids, clothes management and cooking with kitchen cleaning before sleeping. Phewwwwww! 

Than I realized that I am going no where with all this kind of hardwork except money was coming in my bank account for sure. I agree that money matters a lot at times but wait what is this money for actually? I looked around and realized what my male colleagues do all the day? They come, work, eat lunches and again back in work. No creativity. This is what I am also doing. Right? But at home I was more creative rather than being males counterpart. I was busy making my garden look beautiful, doing embroidery, trying new recipes or was busy baking with Laura Vitale recipes. My kids were taking apple pies, pinnapple upside cakes or may be spicy potato puffs in lunch boxes. There was always soup before dinner with little tasty snack like little warm chhese spinach quiche and all movies we used to watch with garlic butter popcorns filled big bowls, made by me ofcourse. 

Now after starting job I found myself in the isles of hypermarkets searching for quick snacks, readymade cakes or flavored curds. My kitchen fridge once full of fresh vegetables and happiness turned in to pre-cooked food, half cooked food or ready to cook chopped n boiled vegetables. My kids were fussy n messey n crysome always. Their shining with stars notebooks were turned into nightmares having comments i.e. Home work not done, incomplete work, improve your writing etc..

I was a lost working women with no idea where I m heading too. My little two years old daughter was getting thin day by day. Her play school was a place where she used to cry aloud while leaving me early morning but happy in the evening to see me. Her skin was getting rough and eyes pale. she was a dull kid now. Very restless n crying all the time. 

Than my husband planned a vacation to Dubai. Things got better a little bit. We enjoyed a long vacation very much and while traveling in to the sand dunes my son hugged me very tight.He looked at me with something in his eyes. He lost his father one year back and now mother in office all the day. Something dipped and sinked in my heart that very moment.After coming back from the vacation I worked for few more days and left the job without single thought. Husband supported and promised to give me some pocket money too. Which he never gave infact. No worries. 

I stayed at home being housewife and never regretted my decision of being jobless. I was working in small part time home jobs. For full 5-6 years I was at home. Than few months back I joined a temporary job again to check if I can cope up with my growing up kids or not. I did great in job but I realised the basic thing. Men stare at you because you are ugly,you are smart or may be you are too beautiful. Men compare you with their wives all the time. You can’t change the mindsets. They scold you for mistakes because they are perfect n quick themselves. They expect a lot from you because either they are too lazy or too dependent or may be very hard working themselves.

Here in my kitchen I can hear the screams and shouting of my kids for a tv remote  control fights. But my husband is there to check on them. Because I am cooking. Few moments back water delivery person came and my husband took the delivery and replaced the bottle on dispenser too because I am cooking. He earns, goes out, face all professional problems, checks the grocery markets, maintains car,  completes the family bank work alongwith several legal paper works related to insurances and all. He keeps me free out of all life mess because I am at home and busy in cooking and cleaning. 

I need anything I ask him. If he feels I really need something he buys for me. My medicines, doctor checkups, kids dental problems, height checking, pizza promotions, exhibition timings.You name it, he will do everything. 

I am at home all the time. Cooking, cleaning, sleeping, chatting, praying and being away from being touched unwillingly by several males in the office, strong x ray glares of the visitors, escaping to washrooms for sudden dress malfuctions or trying to control washroom sounds because boss sits near to it. 

I am peaceful and happy woman. I am what my ancestors wanted me to be. I am wife, mother and home manager. I am Woman! 



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