Fruity n yummy lassi! 

This tasty n yummy lassi is for the below mentioned persons –

1- If you love bananas.

2- If you are ready to experiment kind of foodie.

3- If you are not much into fruits eating because of less time.

4- If you are looking for a very tasty healthy option to skip dinner.

5- If your kids need mild lunch but not ready to eat.

6- If you are fasting with fruit(falahar option).

7- If you are looking for some unique to serve to your guests.

8- If you really dont like those oats shakes.

Ingredients – For two big glasses of fruity lassi

1- 2 Cups of thick curd – Chilled

2- 2 large bananas

3- 2 Sweet apples

4- 4-5 Tbsp honey

5- 1 Cup chilled icy water

Method – 

1- First peel the bananas and put in the blender.

2- Than put curd n honey.

3- Now add slices of apple.

4- Blend very well and serve immediately. 

Very tasty and addictive. 


Yummy garlic flavored shocked potato or smilies 😜

If you are not into much of calories count than you can try making these potato snacks at home. They are much much much better than those readymade version. 

Because lips shape goes bit here n there so my kids call them potato shockies or shocked potatoes. Very easy n immediate to make if you have boiled potatoes. 

I make them n keep in freezer for later uses. 

Ingredients – (Makes medium sized 16-18)

4 Big boiled poatoes (grated) 

2 Tbsp freshly made garlic paste or grated garlic

4 Tbsp cheese powder (optional)

4-6 Tbsp corn flour (must) 

4 Tbsp fresh ginger juice

2 Tbsp black pepper powder

Salt according to taste

1/2 Tsp sugar

2 Tbsp red chilli powder ( optional )

1 Tbsp ginger powder or dry corriader powder

1 Tbsp roasted cumin seeds powder

Preparation – 

1- Mix all very well and knead a dough. 

2- Roll it on greased paltform and with the help of cookie cutter make shapes.

3- Now take a cold drink sipping straw and make eyes in each shape.

4- With spoon you can make smile dent in the shape.

5- You can mild fry to freeze and refry after few days or at serving time.

6- Fry it at medium flame in heated oil for immediate consupmtion.

7- My neighbor took this recipe and she makes it with lots of very finely chopped green chillies for cocktail snack servings. 

Banana almond cake with five star chocolate.

Got few five star chocolates from India. Two were left and thought of making this delicious almond banana cake. My son Kutkut calls it hide n seek cake because we hide five star chocolate chunks in the cake batter and they become little dark in the baking process(u can see in the pic too). Than you can taste that heavenly flavor of panjiri in cake. 

If you have chocolate toffees and banana at home than pls try it. But avoid making it if you are looking for eggless recipe. My three four attempts were big failures. 

Ingredients – 

Preheat the oven at 180 degrees. Keep this temperature intact for cake making too. 

1- (Dry mix)

1 Cup all purpose flour

1/4 Cup grated gur, gudh, gud or brown sugar 

1/2 Cup chunks of chocolate

1 Tsp baking powder

1/4 Tsp baking soda

1/4 Tsp salt

1/2 Cup chopped almonds 

(1/2 Cup mix of almonds and chocolate chunks more for topping of cake batter)

2- First mix all purpose flour with baking powder, salt and baking soda than put chocolate chunks to mix well.Now put almonds and mix all very well in a big bowl.

3- (Wet mix)

1 Large riped banana

1/4 Cup thick curd

2 Large eggs

2 Tbsp Vanilla essence

1/2 Cup white sugar

1/2 Cup melted unsalted butter

4- Mix all very well for few minutes till you get fine mix. Mix it with hands and pls dont use any electronic gadget.

5- Mix dry and wet ingredients together.

6- Now grease a loaf pan and pour the cake batter into it. 

7- Spread all the 1/2 cup full of chocolate chunks and almond over this. 

8- Slide the loaf tin into lowest rack and back for 65-70 minutes at 180 degrees. 

** This is a thick batter cake.

*** If your oven got manual setting with knob for one hour than after ten minutes pass put the know back to start of one hour that way you will get 70 minutes to bake it. 

**** You can try this cake with chocolate toffees too. 

5 Ways rich guys can live life like Sid Mallya! 

Disclaimer – This post is about a personality and it has to do nothing with any kind of financial things. 
I know it is going to be not very welcomed post. But believe me.Sid Mallya is doing lot of things in a great manner which several rich guys actually never got guts to do. Two years back one of my relative died. He was a big cloth business holder in Delhi’s dense business area Chandani Chowk. He died at 1 o clock noontime. His staff told his relatives that his both sons took money and bought themselves RADO watches for themselves before his crimination. Can you imagine the frustration of living under the boots of ultimate rich father who never allows you to spend a single dime yourself? Two days back I saw Sid Mallya cheering up and shouting for his IPL team. Oh My God! This guy is doing all the things in one go. And very smartly. 

1- He is a super fit guy – Show me one picture if Sid Mallya is fat or in bad shape. Yes you will not find a single picture of him. He is super fit guy and taking great care of his haircuts,face and body. He is a truly a young chap, having passion for his body. He is not a 10 tones rich guy,desperate to get fame for reducing fat overnight by stomach surgery and claims Yoga for it. Once he was chubby in early twenties days but now he is growing up like a super model himself. At his age several business persons get fat, get married and start wearing cholestrol belts on bums and tummy. 

2- Well educated with great public manners  – He gets lot of abuses and several threats on social media till now. You go to his public profile and you will never find any cheap outburst from him. People keep ranting on him for being Vijay Mallya’s son or Deepika’s Ex. But he is ultimate polite always. Ignoring all bad mouthing in a decent way. He is far better than Rahul Gandhi who is not properly educated or having even public mannerism . Very rarely you can see him abusing anybody. 

3- Happy heart n funny always – His tweet sense is excellent. If he is replying back to tweet, it is always condensed and to the point. Once some guy questioned him about the money he spent on Deepika Padukon. But his reply was too sharp n funny “Thanks for reminding me about that transaction”.

4- His less dependency on politicians – He is at least not a guy who kills people on road and than stand with high politicians on dias of hospital functions to prove “Mera baap sare politicians ka baap hey”. He knows how financially things are turning bad and he is trying hard to avoid the negativity. 

5- He is Sid Mallya and he knows it – He knows his background well. He is partying hard at the moment of joy and sits back quietly in his cocoon if things are going not so good. He is not thrashing cameramen or media. He knows his father is living a life full of complexes and from his part he is trying his best to not create more ruckus for his father. Remember when Salman’s father create nuisance by pointing fingers on Indian Judiciary by giving statements on their well known sons “pachas crore kharcha kiya tha to mera beta bari hua”. Sid Mallya and his father are away from cheap remarks. What they are doing, no idea but at least Sid Mallya is away from publicity gimmicks. 

Cashew poha chops! 

Cashew poha chops! 

My husband had dental surgery for wisdom tooth removal few days back. So I am making very soft food for him now a days. But yesterday by mistake I put lots of cashews in poha as I forgot about his dental surgery. If I m out of peanuts I put cashews in poha. Everybody loves the creamy flavor.

So three things happened in one go. Poha was like halwa because I left too much water while soaking it, I put cashews and husband was not able to eat much as well as kids. 

So I put back half bowl full of cashew poha in the fridge. Today I tried a little twist to it. The out come was fantastically tasty. 

Cashew Poha chops – 

Ingredients – (10-12 chops)

4 Cups of well prepared and cooled cashew poha (Cashews or peanuts are a must as they give special crispy flavor)

2 Medium potatoes boiled n peeled

4 Tbsp corn flour

1 Tbsp red chili powder

2 Tbsp freshly grated ginger

Oil to fry

Preparation – 

1- Grind poha to finest possible.

2- Mix with spices and boiled potato.

3- Add cornflour.

4- Start kneading and mixing it.

5- Mix it continuously for 5-6 minutes.

6- Heat oil at medium heat.

7- Make flattened shapes and fry at lowest possible heat.

8- Fry from both sides till bolden brown.

9- Serve with tomato sauce and green coriander chutney 

Delicious patch up of fresh cherries and vanilla icecream. 

Well, I had a box of very sweet fresh cherries and a big tub of Vanilla ice cream in fridge lying idle. My son likes sour cherries and daughter feels she gets red tongue after having those cherries. I was thinking about what to do with  cherries and vanilla ice cream. It was almost like two good friends sitting apart in the same bench. So I thought of patching up both of them and by giving it a little twist,made ice cream sticks for kids.  

Ingredients – 

1- 6 Cups of Vanilla ice cream 
2- 1 Cup thick curd

3- 1/2 Cup sugar 

4- 2 Cups of pitted fresh cherries 

Preparation – 
1- First grind well cherries with sugar and curd.
2- Now add vanilla ice cream to this cherries- curd paste.

3- Blend very well.

4- Now pour into the lolly moulds and freeze. 

Caution – May be because of ice cream it turns out to be very soft to take out that time insert a long n thin knife to help from sides. 

Kerala style super rich tomato paneer biryani! 

It is one of my very old recipe but I keep changing few things here n there occassionaly. What surprises me is that it is one of the most easy recipe in the biryani category. 

Ingredients ~ 

1- 2 Cups basmati rice (washed n soaked for 1-2 hours)
2- 4-5 Cups of water

3- 1/2 Tsp of each – Mace(Javitri) powder, green cardamom powder,

     Black cardamom powder,cinnamon powder, clove powder, dry ginger

     Powder,chana dal 

4- 1 Tsp Jeera(cumin seeds) 

5- 1 Tsp Rai (mustard seeds)

6- 1 Tsp Haldi (Turmeric powder)

7- 1 Tsp black pepper powder 

8- Salt 1 Tbsp or according to taste

9- 1 Tbsp Coriander powder

10- 1 Tbsp garam masala powder

11- 2 Medium red onion chopped finally

12- Fresh green curry leaves -10/15

13- 4 Medium size green chillies chopped finely

14- 6 – 8 Medium sized tomatoes chopped finely 

15- 20 Cashews 

16- 1/4 Cup very sweet green raisins

17- Butter or desi ghee 6-8 tbsp 

18- 2 Tbsp fresh ginger garlic paste

19- 1 Cup fresh paneer cubes

Preparation ~ 

1- Take a cooker and put it on high flame n heat it well. 
2- Lower the flame and heat desi ghee or butter in it 

3- Heat the butter and put no.3 to no.11 items one by by with 30 seconds interval

and keep stirring in between. 

4- Fry till onions are little brown 

5- Now add cashews, green chillies, curry leaves and fry well for 1 minute.

6- Now add salt and tomato too.

7- Fry for 2-3 minutes than add ginger garlic paste and keep frying till it all becomes 

Fine paste itself and start leaving oil. 

8- Now add raisins with paneer cubes, fry again for few times and add rice.

9- After one minute add 4-5 cups water to it and stir well.

10- Close the lid, on high flame take one whistle, on low flame take 2 whistles and close the flame. 

*** Serve with onion raita. 

Super crispy Nutella banana dosa! 

Warning – It can be super addictive.If you have no self raising flour than pls dont make it or ask me alternative as I dont know. The way I made it I m giving details.

Super crispy Nutella banana dosa

Ingredients ~ For two big super crispy dosas – 

1-  Half ripe sweet banana

2- 2 pinches green cardamom powder

3- 2 pinches dry ginger powder

4- 2 pinches cloves powder 

5- 2 pinches cinnamon powder

6- 8 tbsp cold milk – 

7- 6 tbsp whole wheat flour

8- 2 tbsp self raising flour.

Preparation ~ 

1- Grind all to fine paste.check if it is lumpy or thick add little more milk to make semi thick n thin consistency. 

2- Now take a big non stick tava n grease it with butter or desi ghee,put on lowest flame n pour half batter on it n with flattened bowl(katori) spread it round round n thinnest possible.

3- Let the flame remain lowest.Sprinkle desi ghee on it very lightly.

4- After two minutes start scrapping from corners n when u see light brown latches than turn it upside down n after 1-2 minutes it is ready.

5- Now spread Nutella on it n eat it warm.

5 Clues to make amazing mashed potatoes!


Image courtesy google.

Recently I had an experience at one of my friend’s party.She wanted me to bring mashed potatoes to her place but with little different Indian taste.I took five types of mashed potatoes and not a single spoonful was left after the party.

Here is what I did to mashed potatoes. I boiled them mashed them and added little sour cream with salt and butter very well as main ingredients.

1- Onion mixed – I took sliced red onions and fried them in little butter till golden brown.than I mixed in three cups of mashed potatoes.

2- Veggie mixed – I fried sliced onions with sliced tomatoes and green capsicum in little butter.And added mashed potatoes in it and fried little more.

3- Kerala mix – I chopped finely some curry leaves and sprinkle little asofoetida and mustard seeds in heated butter alongwith little grated ginger and mixed all with mashed potatoes with little turmeric too.

4- Garlic mixed – I burnt few big cloves of garlic than fried some sliced onions in butter and mixed in the mashed potatoes.

5- Royal mix – In preheated butter I sprinkled little green cardamom powder,cinnamon powder,saffron, cloves powder along with some cashews and fried it for few seconds and added mashed potatoes.

Keep trying new ways to serve this awesome dish called mashed potatoes. Potatoes are very adoptive.You can do a lot of experimenting with them!

Happy eating!

Desi vegan summer  health drink powder for weight loss and kids health! 

This recipe and picture is my own. Tried and tested for several health benefits. This recipe is great for summers specially. It contains yellow bhuna chana(roasted black chickpeas) , sugar, almonds, fennel seeds (saunf) and green cardamom powder(hari elaichi ka powder).

If you are on diet,this powder can be a supplement of one time diet easily. So that way you can skip one meal of noon or night and take this. It contains sugar in little quantity as energy booster. 

For kids it is a great substitute for milk. It is vegan. It contains almonds green cardamom to keep soothing effect on stomach as well as vitamin e from almonds is good for eyes n brain too. 

It is a great health drink for tummy and specially beneficial for those who are suffering from indigestion and too much farts because fennel seeds are very beneficial for stomach related diseases. 

Ingredients –  

1- Peela chana ( roasted black chickpeas as yellow ones) – 1 cup 

2- Almonds of good quality – 1 cup

3- Sugar 1/4 cup

4- Green cardamom powder ( hari elaichi ka powder) 4 tbsp

5- Fennel seeds powder ( hari saunf ka powder) 4 tbsp 


1- Roast chickpeas and almonds together in microwave for 3-4 minutes with 1 minute intervals.Cool it for 30 minutes. 

2- Put all things together and grind it very well to the finest powder.

3- Sieve it two three times.

4- Store in air tight box.

5- If chana and almonds quality is too good than you can make n store it for 3-4 months in fridge otherwise opt for making in above mentioned quality for 1-2 weeks consumption for 15 servings of two tbsp per glass of chilled water/ milk 

6- You can mix it with chilled water as vegan drink or blend in mixi with chilled milk for a rich taste. 

7- While making paranthas you can fill this in the dough ball (atey ki loyi mein).

8- For very strict weight watchers there is an option to replace sugar with black salt, roasted jeera (cumin seeds) n carom seeds (ajwain) in place of fennel seeds and cardamom.