10 Things Idli teaches us.

10 Things Idli teaches us.

Idli is South Indian steamed rice dumpling which is made from a mix of rice and lentils along with little addition of salt, fenugreek seeds and boiled rice too. It is considered as one of the most health beneficial food on Earth.

Our food habits teaches us a lot if followed by ancient food making practices so is Idli which teaches us few basics of life like ~

1- Be simple.Less clutter less problems in life to face.

2- Be filling.Do your job by full heart like Idli fills tummy always.

3- Be light. Don’t carry extra baggage of useless emotions. Just keep your mind light and stress free.

4- Be healthy. Follow your health routine.Don’t take risks for your life.

5- More steamed more good. Keep pushing out the negatives out of your mind by following a healthy n happy life.

6- Don’t demand much efforts from others. Keep your requirements from life very simple.

7- Be open to follow in good steps just like Idli.It can go very well with anything i.e. sugar, Nutella, sambhar, chutneys, ghee or poddi powders.Isnt it?

8- Be fresh. Always try to be fresh in the morning and evening so that people around can feel the energy of your presence just like fresh idlis make happy any one.

9- Be your own mould. Develop your own personality.Keep learning to reach new horizons in careers.

10- Be adaptive. Like people make idlis in several form like fried idlies or ghee dipped or vegetable idlis or rava idlis.Be adaptive to new thoughts.

Be always happy like a person who is satisfied and happy after having fresh steaming hot idlis.

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