10 Top cooking quotes by me.

1- Delicious food is not about ingredients only it is about that person who’s passion about cooking reflects in the food.

2- There is no combination of fast n delicious food. Cooking always needs patience n time.

3- Those who clean kitchen themselves actually know heartbeat of great food.

4- Kitchen never needs a servant. It always needs a master.

5- 4 Things make your kitchen a happy place to cook best food i.e. self cleaning, self cooking, time and passion.

6-Those who grind their spices themselves know the real taste of food.

7- Deep fried food can’t be compared to baked one and baked one can’t compared to salads.

8- Cooking food and baking food are different things.Cooking is an art and baking is meditation.

9- Midnight baking is not for everybody. It is for those who are dreamy and believe in heavenly smells.

10- Cook like a scientist or like a person in love. Both situation works in favor of delicious food.

Happy cooking!


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