Tips for great onion pakoda(fritters)

10 Super tips to make perfect Onion fritters.

Year 2008 I was in my office in Noida and I saw one of my staff member having onion fritters from a nearby street vendors. The smell was so amazing that I asked my office boy to bring it for me.It became a ritual for every weekend to have those onion fritters.

Year 2015 I smelled same fragrance on the houseboat we were staying in Allepy Kerala India during our vacations in July.I was amazed that onion fritters are big hit from north to south in India.

I always wanted to have those flattened ones but my several trials were failed as sometimes they were so thick and sometimes they were so hard.Lot many times they were over salted and once they were like rubbery ones.

Finally after watching so many chefs and cooks along with you tube videos I realized where I m actually wrong.I tried again and now they were same like street vendors and more clean n tasty in fact.

Following are the tips to make them best –

1- Salt – Besan or gram flour is basically bit tightening tendency and that is why it increases the salt taste itself.So while mixing the salt keep it at lowest quantity possible.Keep a check before mixing in batter and after mixing in batter.

2- Besan (flour) – If you really wish to have real taste in fritters always use gram flour instead of chickpea flour. Chickpea flour is basically Bombay Besan and Gram flour is mota besan or UP besan. Bombay besan is very thin and UP besan is little thick that is why it goes very well with kadhi making or fritters making.

3- Oil – Mix little oil while making fritters batter and use fresh oil to make fritters too. Already used oil sucks up too much flavor from the fritters.

4- Onions chopping – Try to chop onions in to half than thinnest long slices instead of chopping in to a food processor. Just thinnest possible long slices.

5- Batter – First put sliced onions into bowl than sprinkle besan or gram flour on it,spices and than start mixing it slowly.Dont put water from glass or jug or bottle ever, pour water with spoon into it.You need to knead the ball making dough not to make a thin or semi thick batter.

5- Spices – Onion fritters  need thinly sliced green chillies, whole corriander seeds, whole cumin seeds, red chili flakes(not powder),salt, little turmeric powder, corriander powder.Thinly sliced green chilies gives great flavor.You can add green corriander but I never did that.

6- Oil heat – Onion fritters need semi hot oil for frying not very hot not very warm. You need to hot oil than lower the flame before putting fritters into it.

7- Fritters balls – Onion fritter batter should be thick n dough type.Wet your palms and fingers very well into water, take a egg size ball or little smaller round it between your palms and press it hard.Now put it into the hot oil.

8- Frying – Don’t put so many fritters in one go. Just one or two in one time but yes if your pan is quite big than you can put 3-4 fritters but keep a gap of one minute in each fritter putting in to the oil.

9- Color – Put fritters one minute each side.In to 3-4 four minutes every fritter will be ready.Keep turning them upside down.

10- Extra crispy – First make all fritters than let them be cool.Now flatten them with rolling pin little and than put half of them in to hot oil, fry for 1-2 minutes and take out.

*Onion fritters taste best with green corriander chutney.

**You can add little fresh grated garlic to get more taste.

Happy eating!


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