5 Clues to amazing mashed potatoes!

Recently I had an experience at one of my friend’s party.She wanted me to bring mashed potatoes to her place but with little different Indian taste.I took five types of mashed potatoes and not a single spoonful was left after the party.

Here is what I did to mashed potatoes. I boiled them mashed them and added little sour cream with salt and butter very well as main ingredients.

1- Onion mixed – I took sliced red onions and fried them in little butter till golden brown.than I mixed in three cups of mashed potatoes.

2- Veggie mixed – I fried sliced onions with sliced tomatoes and green capsicum in little butter.And added mashed potatoes in it and fried little more.

3- Kerala mix – I chopped finely some curry leaves and sprinkle little asofoetida and mustard seeds in heated butter alongwith little grated ginger and mixed all with mashed potatoes with little turmeric too.

4- Garlic mixed – I burnt few big cloves of garlic than fried some sliced onions in butter and mixed in the mashed potatoes.

5- Royal mix – In preheated butter I sprinkled little green cardamom powder,cinnamon powder,saffron, cloves powder along with some cashews and fried it for few seconds and added mashed potatoes.

Keep trying new ways to serve this awesome dish called mashed potatoes. Potatoes are very adoptive.You can do a lot of experimenting with them!

Happy eating!


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