Authentic recipe for Okra(Bhindi)Fry!

Yup, I am quite famous in my both kids classes for the bhindi fry I give them in lunch boxes. Trust me, becoz I am pressurized by their teachers and class mates parents to give my recipe so much that I took 40 printouts and gave them to distribute to kids and teachers. Reason was simple, the moment they open their lunch boxes everybody smells the fragrance and they end up in eating others food because own food is all taken by classmates.

So finally I thought of sharing its recipe here too.Make it once my way and enjoy the happiness in your plate.If you are not in onions type than you can feel free to omit the onions.

1- Chop the onions, grate the fresh ginger, cut the green chillies and gather spices in one plate. Chop the Bhindi (Okra)too.

So what all spices we require for my recipe is (according to your taste)-

1- Heeng (asofoetida),2- Ajwain,3-Shahi jeera,4-Kalonji,5-Pinch of turmeric,6-Salt,7-Dry ginger powder,8-Amchoor(dry mango powder),9-Black pepper powder,10-Garam Masala powder,11- Dry and fried Jeera powder,12- Fenugreek seeds (methidana) powder and mix of Saunf and dry dhania powder for later on sprinkling on Bhindi frying. Mix of refind oil and desi ghee for frying.

2- First put oil n ghee mix in to the heated pan. I use little desi ghee for getting more taste.

2- Now put Heeng, Shahi jeera,kalonji in it and give a little stir to it.

4- Now put Fengreek seeds powder, grated fresh ginger and chopped green chillies in it and stir for a while.Stand little back side because strong smell erupts.

5- Now add all the other spices in to it except the mix of Saunf and dry dhania powder. I add amchoor too the pre frying because after frying it gives a distinguished taste to the Bhindi.

6- Give it a nice stir and now add chopped onions to this masala (spices) fry

7- Now comes a very important part of this frying. You have to soften the onions now browning them.Because if you over fry them than they will be burnt by the time you will make the fry.So just let them be little tender and add chopped Bhindi to it.

8- Mix all very well and here comes the final aromatic touch to the Bhindi fry. Sprinkle the mix of dry dhania powder and Saunf powder over it.And mix it very well.Than sprinkle little water like 2-3 tbsp and mix again and close the lid.Repeat the stirring for 2-3 times more within 5-8 minutes and close the flame and lid too. Bhindi fry is ready.

So very tasty, authentic and heavenly fragranced Bhindi fry is ready to savor. Let me tell a little bird’s secret – You can make same way boiled potatoes fry and Sitafal (kaddu)fry too same way.

All the best!


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