Dhaba style Baigan Bharta!

Recently I published a recipe for authentic Bhindi Fry.Than in between so many praises I got one request from Oman based gentleman to check if I know any authentic dhaba style baigan ka bharta?

I told him that if he can wait for few days I will publish a post regarding that recipe.So here it Highway dhabas style authentic baigan ka bharta recipe. You miss a single thing from this recipe that pls dont blame me for not getting the great taste.

1- Preheat the oven at high 250 degrees with upper and lower grills on without fan option.Now wash and chop veggies for masala.Tomatoes, onions halved, green chillies, ginger thick slices and garlic cloves. Trust me – more the merrier.Brush all with little refind oil and grill for 30-40 minutes on the lowest rack in oven.

2- Grill the baingans (brinjals) too on lowest flame. You need to wash, dry and make long slits in the all over brinjal(baingans) and brush it with oil too so that when you peel the burnt skin, it will come out easiest way.

3- Now in a bowl mix dry corriander (dhania) powder, turmeric powder and red chilli powder with little water and keep aside. Keep water little more because dhania powder tends to become heavy and thick after sometime.

4- In a dry small plate take these all spices(Must).Salt, heeng(asofoetida),jeera sabut(whole cumin seeds),dry methidana(fenugreek) seeds powder, garam masala,dry ginger powder(sonth),whole red chilies dried.And for that divine taste crushed whole coriander seeds too.

4- Make semi fine paste of the grilled veggies in the mixer.

5- Peel the burnt roasted brinjals(baingans) too.And make paste of the too.

6- Take refind oil and desi ghee mix into heavy bottom pan and heat it well.Now add heeng(asofoetida), jeera, whole dried red chillies to it.Stir lightly.

7- Add rest of the spices in the plate to this oil mix too and give it few light stirs.

8- Now add that dhania powder, turmeric powder and red chillies mix to it too.Stir gently and you will be surprised to see that this mix soaks all the oil and spices quickly.

9-Now after few stirs lightly and slowly add the grilled veggies masala paste to it and start frying the masala on the lowest flame.Keep covering it and frying in between 1-2 minutes.

10- After 6-8 minutes frying on the lowest flame, now add the grilled, peeled and mashed brinjal paste form to it too. Mix it very very well. Cover the lid and keep the flame lowest possible.

11- Now start stirring it continuously but with 3-4 minutes gap. After 12-16 minutes and several stirs your dhaba style baigan ka bharta is ready to savor. It tastes best if you make it in pure mustard oil or sprinkle desi ghee over it while serving with hot chapatis.

For best taste add few green chilli’s longest possible shreds for greatest taste of this bharta.

Al images r mine!


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