Vada with sarson n methi saag twist! 

I grow methi and sarson in my kitchen garden a lot. So using them always in my most of the cooking is obvious for me. That way family gets greens too free of cost. Lot many times I grow methi n sarson together to use mix of them. Most of it goes in parantha or kadhi making but this time I thought of using them in vadas too. 

Trust me the turnout taste was amazingly outstanding. If you really wish to give a tasty twist to your humble vada than please try this recipe. 🙏🏻

Ingredients – (Makes 12 medium size vadas) 

1- 2 Cups of Urad dal mixed with 1/4 cup chana dal,1/4 moong dal

(Soak it overnight and grind just before you want to make and serve it) 

2- 2-3 medium green chillies (chop it finely or mix in urad dal while grinding the dal)

3- Salt according to taste

4- Black pepper powder 1 tbsp

5- Red chilli flakes 1 tbsp

6- 1 tsp Heeng (Asofoedtida) 

7- 1 Tbsp desi ghee

8- Red onions 1 big sliced in long thin shape. 

9- One cup mix of sarson methi ka sag chopped finely

9- Refind oil for frying

Preparation –

1- Keep the oil for frying in pan on lowest flame. 

2- Grind pre soaked dal with green chillies,desi ghee, salt, black pepper in to thick batter.

3- Please do not use too much water as we need semi thick batter. 

4- Take the batter in bowl and mix in heeng (asofoetida) and green saag. 

5- Now wash your hand very properly and start mixng the batter in high speed. 

6- Mix it for 3-4 minutes. Wipe your hands and water them. Now put batter loyi on hand n make a hole in it.

7- Drop it carefully in to oil pan.

8- Immediately take a spoon and from its backside make the hole little bigger in the dropped vada. 

9- Drop 2-3 more vadas in the pan if space is there. 

10- Fry from both side till golden brown. 

11- Serve with onion tomato chutney or tomato sauce. 

Amazing and filling snack. 


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