Whole wheat flour veggie puffs! 

If you like healthy snack options for kids and know very well how to make pastry

sheets at home than this recipe is definitely for you. 

Just make pastry sheet and fill in potato or paneer filling and bake at 200 degrees for

30-40 minutes. Serve with green chutney or tomato sauce.

Ingredients ~ 

1- 8 Pastry sheet rectangles

Potato filling ~

1- 2 Medium potaoes preboiled and mashed

2- 1 Cup peas boiled and mashed

3- 1 medium onion peeled n chopped 

4- Curry leaves 9-10 

5- Mustard seeds (Rai)  1 tbsp

6- Salt, red chilli falkes, turmeric according to taste

7- 2 Tbsp desi ghee or refind oil

Preparation ~

1- Turn on oven at 200 degrees.

2- Take a pan, heat oil/desi ghee into it.

3- Fry mustard seeds, curry leaves, onions for 3-4 minutes. 

4- Now add all the rest things and fry well. 

5- Keep frying for 5-6 minutes. Close the flame. 

6- In a large baking tray place wax sheet.

7- Put four pastry rectangles and put 3-4 table spoon of potato 

fillings on it and cover with other pastry sheet and close from 

all sides with finger. 

8- Make four puffs like this. 

9- Brush little ghee or oil on the top.

10- Slip the tray into the oven on the lowest rack and 

bake for 20 minutes and switch to upper rack afterwards and 

bake for more 10-15 minutes or till golden brown. 

11- Serve after 15-20 minutes otherwise intensely hot inner filling can be injurious to tongue.


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