Discussing the happy (perfect)dosa batter! 

Well, you must be thinking about happy dosa batter. Happy dosa batter is perfect dosa batter. For me it was 22 years long quest after running behind several tricks because I was from a typical UP city. 

In every small city of India you will find a small dhaba or hotel serving the so called best dosa or dosha as they call it. With tangy tomato sauce type chutne or watery sambhar. And you actually feel lucky that price is very affordable too.

But for us three brother n sisters it was not an easy task to gulp that white paper type thing in the name of dosa. We studied in several Army schools and knew what actually real dosa tastes likes. as our several classmates were South Indians and used to bring dosa idli a lot. Those were not kind of internet or food blogs time.It was totally depends how far you remember  things actually. So one miss of several months and my mother forgot few tricks. And several years we had terrible dosas quitely.

Several years later while staying in Ramada Goa, the chef told me small secret to add boiled rice while grinding the dosa batter. And again after three years while working in an airlines in Qatar I got my second great tip to add fenugreek seeds powder while soaking the batter ingredients. By that time I joined several food blogs and the perfect dosa batter was a game of fingertips now. 

Now I know well the difference between making dosa in winters and summers. Soaking fenugreek seeds powder in a bowl and grinding it with dosa batter ingredients, adding little salt only and adding boiled rice while grinding the dosa batter too. 

So I am a perfectionist about happy dosa batter. And somehow if my dosa batter is not rising enough I don’t cry anymore. I make dhokla of it by adding Eno fruit salt to it. 

Happy dosa batter to you too. 

Ingredients – (Makes 10-12 medium dosa)

1- 2 Cups rice (I use India gate basmati)

2- 1 Cup white urad dal 

3- 2 Tbsp Methidana (Fenugreek seeds) powder

4- 1 Cup boiled rice

5- 1 Tsp salt

Preparation –

1- Soak rice n dal separate alongwith Fenugreek seeds powder in  1/2 cup water.

2- Soak it for atleast 6-7 hours.

3- Put soaked fenugreek seeds alongwith its water(if any) in mixi pot than urad dal.Grind to finest possible.

4- Take out in a bowl and in the same pot grind presoaked rice with little water.

5- Take out in dal bowl and now grind boiled rice with little water.

6- Take out in dal rice mix filled bowl and mix all very well and add salt too. 

7- Add little water if the consistency  is very thick.

8- Close the bowl lid and keep aside in warm place for 5-6 hours. 

9- Keeping it in the sunshine (dhoop) enhances the flavor of dal. 

10- Once fermented keep it fridge if not using it immediately. 


6 thoughts on “Discussing the happy (perfect)dosa batter! 

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