Heavenly smell of garlic pizza! 

Just like dosa batter my search for perfect pizza was a self research first. From storing several pizza joints sachets of oregano etc to extra virgin olive oil.You name it and I have my own stories to explain my failed attempts. 

But finally one day I ended in making perfect spongy n crusty brown pizza and my kids were like “oh my God Mummy”.

Since than I kept this recipe my favorite to make my bestest best pizza for my kids. 

Ingrediants ~ This makes one big square pizza for two adults n two kids 

1- 2 Cups Maida (All purpose flour) 

2- 3-4 Big cloves of garlice crushed n minced

3- 1 Tbsp dry instant yeast

4- 1 Tsp salt

5- 1/2 milk n 1/2 water mixed n lukewarm

6- 6 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil

7- 1 Egg

8- 2 Tbsp honey 

Preparation ~ (Pizza base) 

1- Mix All purpose flour(maida) with dry yeast first than mix in salt in a big bowl. 

2- Mix water-milk mix, honey, egg, minced garlic and olive oil together very well. 

3- Now mix it with dry mix of flour yeast and salt.

4- Mix it with spatulla for a while. 

5- Cover with moist cloth and keep in warm place for 2-3 hours than 

keep this Into fridge for 4-6 hours.

Preparation ~ Pizza for making

1- Take a big baking tray and dust it with all purpose flour.

2- Take out the bowl of pizza dough and with the help of patula mix it again very well. 

3- Pour the pizza dough on the dusted baking tray and spread in all corner equally. 

4- Preheat oven for 10 minutes and switch it off.

5- Keep this pizza base tray in preheated oven for half hour. 

Preparation ~ Pizza toppings

Ingrediants ~

1- Sliced tomato – one big 

2- Slices red onion – one big

3- Britania cheddar cheese slices 8 no.s

4- 1/2 Cup tomato sauce

5- Oregano powder 1 Tbsp

6- Extra virgin olive oil 2 tbsp 

7- Red chilli flakes (optional) 

Preparation ~

1- Take out the pizza base tray. 

2- Mix tomato sauce and oregano powder together.

3- Brush the olive oil on the pizza base very well.

4- Brush the tomato sauce over this very well.

5- Place tomato slices n onion slices all over the pizza.

6- Now start crushing the cheese slices and spreading over it. 

7- Sprinkle little olive oil over it. Than red chilli flakes too. 

Baking process ~

1- Place the tray in oven at 200 degrees at the lowest rack for 15 minutes. 

2- Than bake it at 180 degrees at middle rack for 20-25 minutes till golden brown. 


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