Delicious patch up of fresh cherries and vanilla icecream. 

Well, I had a box of very sweet fresh cherries and a big tub of Vanilla ice cream in fridge lying idle. My son likes sour cherries and daughter feels she gets red tongue after having those cherries. I was thinking about what to do with  cherries and vanilla ice cream. It was almost like two good friends sitting apart in the same bench. So I thought of patching up both of them and by giving it a little twist,made ice cream sticks for kids.  

Ingredients – 

1- 6 Cups of Vanilla ice cream 
2- 1 Cup thick curd

3- 1/2 Cup sugar 

4- 2 Cups of pitted fresh cherries 

Preparation – 
1- First grind well cherries with sugar and curd.
2- Now add vanilla ice cream to this cherries- curd paste.

3- Blend very well.

4- Now pour into the lolly moulds and freeze. 

Caution – May be because of ice cream it turns out to be very soft to take out that time insert a long n thin knife to help from sides. 


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