Cashew poha chops! 

Cashew poha chops! 

My husband had dental surgery for wisdom tooth removal few days back. So I am making very soft food for him now a days. But yesterday by mistake I put lots of cashews in poha as I forgot about his dental surgery. If I m out of peanuts I put cashews in poha. Everybody loves the creamy flavor.

So three things happened in one go. Poha was like halwa because I left too much water while soaking it, I put cashews and husband was not able to eat much as well as kids. 

So I put back half bowl full of cashew poha in the fridge. Today I tried a little twist to it. The out come was fantastically tasty. 

Cashew Poha chops – 

Ingredients – (10-12 chops)

4 Cups of well prepared and cooled cashew poha (Cashews or peanuts are a must as they give special crispy flavor)

2 Medium potatoes boiled n peeled

4 Tbsp corn flour

1 Tbsp red chili powder

2 Tbsp freshly grated ginger

Oil to fry

Preparation – 

1- Grind poha to finest possible.

2- Mix with spices and boiled potato.

3- Add cornflour.

4- Start kneading and mixing it.

5- Mix it continuously for 5-6 minutes.

6- Heat oil at medium heat.

7- Make flattened shapes and fry at lowest possible heat.

8- Fry from both sides till bolden brown.

9- Serve with tomato sauce and green coriander chutney 


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