Fruity n yummy lassi! 

This tasty n yummy lassi is for the below mentioned persons –

1- If you love bananas.

2- If you are ready to experiment kind of foodie.

3- If you are not much into fruits eating because of less time.

4- If you are looking for a very tasty healthy option to skip dinner.

5- If your kids need mild lunch but not ready to eat.

6- If you are fasting with fruit(falahar option).

7- If you are looking for some unique to serve to your guests.

8- If you really dont like those oats shakes.

Ingredients – For two big glasses of fruity lassi

1- 2 Cups of thick curd – Chilled

2- 2 large bananas

3- 2 Sweet apples

4- 4-5 Tbsp honey

5- 1 Cup chilled icy water

Method – 

1- First peel the bananas and put in the blender.

2- Than put curd n honey.

3- Now add slices of apple.

4- Blend very well and serve immediately. 

Very tasty and addictive. 


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