Pizza hut style garlic bread with desi ghee! 

Look this post I mean recipe sorry sorry this bread is very very addictive. And yes it is for those ardent garlic lovers who can eat garlic without any single fuss. 
I personally ignore those drama people who can eat garlic or onions in pizza like tonnes in restaurants but in house they become garlic intolerant. 

Anyways, so all u need is five ingredients only to make this superb garlic bread with a toaster. 


1- Milk or normal Bread

2- Desi ghee(butter oil)

3- Salt

4- Pepper

5- Garlic cloves 

( No qty because it depends how many bread you wanna make)


1- Melt desi ghee in a bowl very well.It should be real hot to touch.

2- Add salt, black pepper powder and finely grated garlic to desi ghee.

3- Smother bread pcs from one side or both sides.

4- Preheat the toaster to full than put it back to 2 number.

5- Insert the toasts. After one minute flip the sides.

6- Keep checking after 30 seconds.

7- Toast till golden brown.

* Keep checking the toasts. 


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