Theft of Tang😜

Once there was a small office in a very huge building. The small office used to be the alone office on 9th floor… 

One fine day another office opened on the same floor. Now this new small office started sharing big pantry/kitchen with another old one small office. Old small office staff started getting curious that another new office people are using cold drinks n Tang Mango and coffee powder too as they were happy in Yellow Tea bags and green tea bags. 

They used to slurp n control over the other office’s Tang tins too. But everybody showed honesty and never dared to touch the new office’s a Tang Tins…But when their young boss saw the other office’s Tang Tin.. He washed his cup quickly and took Tang Mango in his cup quietly and mixed cool chilled water. And he took cup to his cabin and started mixing it. 

The two months old Receptionist saw it and retaliated “Sir u stole Tang?” Boss ” Yup I like it a lot” Recrptionist “Sir this is Paap(sin)!” Boss ” yup I m sipping my own PAAP”after a while Boss agrees to share the stolen Tang with 3 other members… 

Now he started Accusing other 3 ” you r drinking the stolen stuff” Receptionist replied ” yup I know well and today I will go to tattoo parlor to get on my right hand “mera boss chor hey”(My boss is a thief)…..(like Amitabh Bachan) Boss and all staff cracked into laughter so badly that they broke one table corner too….. Heeeeee Heeeee


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