7 Money eating bugs of our life!


Lot many times we see people doing great in career and saving a lot too while we can also see people doing great in career but financially they are not much well off.Always in debts and always crying for raise. It happens.It actually happens a lot now a days because of a kind of marketing which pressurizes the person to buy more, look more great and spend everyday.This is the point why lot of us are not much financially well off. Do you remember few couple of years back there were not much markets or advertisements.Right? We are more pressurized to buy this and that everyday. 

I am continuously feeling that as a housewife I don’t need much buying of clothes or shoes or perfumes or makeup even. But on the other side I see my working neighbor lady who is very simple and wears same 5-6 pairs of clothes to her work in school since 4 years.She got big bank balance and she buys gold too on festivals. Obviously she is not spending loads of on herself every second day and it matters a lot.

So I started counting the reasons we are loosing money a lot every single day because we are ignorant of these top 5 money eating bugs.

1- Clothes – If you try to make a point that you will buy clothes two times a year or on any special occasion only i.e. birthdays, anniversary or festivals only, you can spot the difference immediately in your wallet.Try it.Just ry to not get lured by sales or promotions at nay cost.

2- Shoes – If you are at home always you need fewer pairs but if you are working you need comfortable and multiple dress matching shoes like black brown or whites.Try to apply it while buying shoes instead of colored ones. You will save a big chunk because you are going to make a promise yourself that you will buy shoes once a year only.

3- Make up – Try buying less and using maximum of what you buy. Instead of throwing use it full and focus of maintaining good home remedies for skin toning. More sparkling skin you will be having lesser cosmetics you will need. That way obviously you are going to save lot.

4- Furnishings – Whatever you buy once try to buy good quality and get it washed on regular intervals.Maintain the furnishings instead of throwing them and buying new ones. I personally feel more comfortable in those houses of relatives who use same curtains for years.It gives a personal feel to me while visiting them. Avoid eating on sofas or carpets to save them from unwanted deep big stains.

5- Cars – If you maintain your cars for long, you will end up in buying a new one very rarely. Clean your car everyday with a simple soft cloth instead of polishing or washing it with water or chemicals. Don’t allow to smoke or eat in the car or use strong perfumes or even car fresheners. Weird?Yes it is weird tip.Because different kind of smells makes the car upholstery oozing bad smells in returns so take about smell part.

6- Regular market visits – If you are visiting malls for recreation purposes, you will end up in dreaming of buying this and that only. Visit parks, seasides or relatives or friends instead of going out on shopping sprees. Visit hypermarkets with a list and stick to it always. Just control yourself for two months and see the difference.

7- Cutlery – If you have regular visitors keep two sets and if you don’t have than don’t buy huge sets or several porcelains. I saw several families buying expensive stuff to fill the cabinets/showcases only and when they go back to country they end up in paying huge courier charges.Buy good one but required things only.

Happy life!


10 Reasons for Non Muslim kids to visit a Mosque.


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Well this article is purely based on my own experiences and it has to do nothing with any religious purposes.I am a Hindu but practicing Buddhism for long time. Recently my son corrected somebody in his friend circle about mosque concepts. That boy’s mother asked me later “how do you know so much about Mosques and your kids too?” I smiled back to her ” I was born in a house adjacent to a mosque, my mother’s parents used to live on the corner of a Mosque, I got married to Mosque’s next door living Architect, than I was a widow and my parents got me remarried to a person who lives in here in Qatar again living a close proximity to a Mosque”. Than I felt of writing this article. About my own experiences about Mosques.

I took my kids to Golden Temple, Amritsar,Punjab India.My son loved those tiny water filled canals on the entry to wash n purify the feet. He didn’t remembered once the heavy gold plated temple inside but yes the fishes in the pond a lot. Kids are like that.They are pure heart and remember the simplest things only.

We had been to a big church in Kanyakumari last year.My both kids remember tiny glass displays on Christ’s life out side the church compound. They dont remember the gold inside the church at all. No carvings no architecture just those mini sculptures all they remember.We also visited Shri Padmanabhan temple in Thiruananthpuram, Kerala,India but all my son remembers an ancient clock on the gateway of temple and his chance to wear Mundu(Lungi) which is necessary to enter the temple. He got first time body checking too due to security reasons.But he loved it as giggle time. Kids have their own perspective to see the things their way.That is why I thought of writing few things about mosques too. I request all to read my full article before commenting or sending me messages.

1- Architecture  – I asked my 8 years old daughter about architecture of few things. Her own father was an eminent architect so I always want her to be an architect. But see how kids see the things in their imaginations. She turn toward me and told me that Mosques architecture reminds her of big chubby granny (my mother is quite chubby and tall lady).I felt surprised and asked her why?She told me “I feel calm looking at Granny(Nani) so do I feel  when I look at mosque. I admit Mosques gives me too same feeling.I feel protected and calm by just looking at them.May be she is relating the building structure to a big granny standing.How good it feels to see a motherly figure in mosque.I am so happy on my daughter’s innocence. Mosques are always same everywhere. Being a sign of protection and shelter. This is how may be my daughter looked at this point.

2- Solidarity – My mother’s parental house in Moradabad India is adjacent to Shahi Masjid with one corner.We used to jump in on terrace and play a lot with tiny madsarsa kids in summer vacations. That cold water and big huge compound was our second home always.Later on they leveled up to increase the Madarsa capacity and we were busy in our higher studies too. My son likes that Mosque a lot. He feels that I was lucky to play there a lot. It is actually a huge mosque in dense Mandi Chowk street.Without any park or ground we were always ended up in mosque to play a lot. Several years later I passed by and stepped in to drink some water in summers to feel that precious childhood again and head cleric called me by name.It was a pure solidarity of his heart that I felt like my own father called my name.Such precious moments.

3- Peace – My childhood was a normal one with mumps, chickenpox(mata) and choliya(bigger chickenpox). And trust me in Uttar Pradesh still people of all religion go to mosque for jhada(with a peacock feather bunch by cleric) and water to drink from Mosque.It is considered as most holy water just like Ganga river water. So once I had mumps and my glands were swollen and same time I was having very high fever too. My father picked me in his lap and visited nearby mosque.I was on boiled warm water and having all that boiled food.But cleric did jhada and gave me two batashas(sugar cubes)with cool water to eat. I felt so happy and within two days I was recovered with that happiness and his blessings.That taste of cold water I never forgot.

My husband died and I got remarried very soon to a fresh widower as my parents wish.I came to Qatar. I was restless and was continuously dreaming of my first husband. Somebody suggested me to ask any cleric to read Fatiha for his soul. But I hesitated.One afternoon I went to mosque nearby stand in front of its main door. It was prayer time. I remembered my husband and washed my hands and face with water outlet.I sat there for a while. I was a fresh grieving widow. I had so much towards the God that my 39 years old husband was taken, leaving two little kids behind. After sometime I felt something in my heart like being strong and stress free. I came back to my home.I was at peace.I was calmer person now.I was back to my responsibilities. That day that one hour outside of mosque I realized that religion has to do nothing.Your faith decides who will take care of you.For me it is a deep unknown connection with Azans and Mosques. I can feel them immensely related to my own life routine.

4- Discipline – My father is a retired Indian Army officer. We are raised in much stricter disciplined life rather than civilians do. I get up at sharp 4.15-.4.30 everyday since my childhood. I take early morning bath.At sharp 5.15 pm around I light the lamp in my worship place and every single thing important is related to the mosque nearby my house I have observed. Every Azan is related to my most important work. When people say they sleep late or come home late or their belated wishes even that moment I feel thankful to almighty that I am never away from Mosques ever in my life.Their timing of prayers keep me up to date and more disciplined always. My kids are learning same thing of being disciplined always.

5- Cleanliness – You slip your shoes out, wash your feet and hands to enter a mosque. You are pure now to pray but for first time visitors it is more surprising to see that a big carpeted hall is inside with nothing inside except few chairs for elders and holy books in small beautiful fold-able benches.You just feel the concept of being clean and simple.A building devoted to almighty gives you a finest example of being simple in life. Stepping in mosque for the first time feels like standing under the hands of a holy n divine person. You can feel the cleanliness in your heart and tears start rolling out. You can feel the warmth on your shoulders of somebody’s calm hands assuring of taking care of you.

6- Unity – Every fasting time you can see people opening their fast together in one plate without any nuisance around. Quietly, smilingly and being thankful to almighty. This gives a visual of being happy in being equal and united. It reminds of my early childhood eating in one big large plate with my so many cousins. I wait all year to see these happy timings near mosques.Feels good and very own to me.

7- Most scientific devotion – The Azan (Prayer call) reminds the time to pray but before that also people with set timings start walking towards the mosque. You going anywhere or coming back from anywhere, the moment you see lot many people walking towards the mosque that means you can easily understand what is the time now. I told this few times to my both kids and now they understand well that how scientific and amazing this time system of praying is actually. Five times round the day they hear Azan and come to know what is time now. So good,so pure,so systemically kids learn the time without looking at the wrist watch or wall clock. I personally loved this concept as well as my kids too.

8- Respect of books – Now a days kids have common tendency of throwing books here and there and no value for money spent in books. I looked at holy books kept well and people reading them with utmost respect while turning the pages too praying a lot. I never saw myself throwing a book in floor ever. I learnt a lesson for Shahi Masjid early childhood that we should respect our books always. In ancient times it must be very hard to get a paper or book. Several times I feel that our ancestors already taught us several things indirectly but we ignored and kept cutting trees to get more paper to waste more books to throw here and there. Here is global warming due to this. Visiting a mosque for me was an early eye opening to keep my books in more dignified way always.

9- Praying is healthy – Five times a day you are praying and remembering the almighty. Five times you are stretching your entire body.Five times you are washing your hands and feet. Five times you are walking to pray at a certain place or mosque. Five times you are sitting close to Earth. Can you count the benefits all in all? That means if you are following the prayer system you will feel more energetic and remain more healthy. You will be more calm, relaxed and happy. Isn’t it? This is for every religion on Earth but actually we are not punctual so are our kids. But explaining the concept of prayer by visiting a mosque can be an eye opening point for little kids. They can learn so many benefits of praying every day.Now a days when our kids are getting into more tough scenario to develop themselves it is important to remained calm and relaxed a lot.Praying helps.

10- Charity – Nobody needs anything on this Earth. By visiting a mosque you learn this. I have learnt this. All you need is a pure heart for all human kinds and living beings. You learn to sacrifice your own happiness for others happiness. Mosques being simple and open for all gives us the finest examples of being kind heart. You stand in front of a mosque and can feel it. It is big, clean, water available and open for all. What else you want in a shelter in bad weather?Life is full of several kind of weathers and clean open mosques are best place to visit for some peace in those moments and to take kids for teaching something good in life too!Visit a mosque with your kids to learn “how to live a clean, simple and disciplined life”.

Happy life!

14 Ways to help your parents live longer.


Yes now a days when everything is so complicated and commercialized it is our own parents who always turn out to be more open, helping and big heart to extend us first helping hand. Isn’t it?

Recently few weeks back my father in law expired and I felt so helpless in doing lot many things for him because I am not much allowed in family matters being a second wife.

I am writing this article so that if you are missing something fro1- m this below list than please start doing it so that your parents can be with you for more time and live longer. It will eventually improve your life quality too.

1- Nuts, Cinnamon and Honey – Make a finest powder of little roasted almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pine seeds with cinnamon and green cardamom. Ask your 50+ years old parents to take it daily every morning two tbsp each person.Ask them to consume honey with warm water on regular basis too.

2- Extra virgin oils – Ask your parents too use extra virgin olive, mustard or  coconut oil for cooking.If they are using any refind oil ask them to stop it.

3- House-helps Hire a full time house help for your parents who can keep house tidy, cook and clean. Let them be less stressed over the daily visitors kind of house helps.Talk to their house helps regularly too.

4- Morning walks and Yoga – Ask your parents to go few miles or at least take a round of the house row every morning as a health ritual. Show them some easiest possible Yoga methods too.

5- Steamed food – Suggest them for more adaptation towards the steamed food rather than oily or deep fried food or consumption of red meat.

6- Smoothies n soups – Ask your parents to consume whole fruit like apples, pears or chickoos with milk or curd n oats by making smoothies.make sure that they take one smoothie and one soup everyday.

7- Praying – Any religious place near to house, take them regularly there to be more motivated and blessed towards life.If you are not around than request your close relatives to go with them on regular basis.

8- Small online courses – They will feel interacted and motivated. Enroll them for some small online courses. It hardly matters what they learned or not but they will feel connected to the world.

9- Hobbies oriented- Keep asking your mother for little things she is expert in making or your father to do for you which is related to his deep interest. It makes them feel that they are required.It matters a lot.

10- Involve your kids – Ask your kids to call your parents on regular basis and for some long time and ask them questions about your childhood.LEt them make your parents remember things and laugh too.

11- Body massages – Get your parents body massage regularly. Let them oil their bodies and get body massages.It improves the blood circulation and they get a human touch too. Hire some expert to do this.

12- Foot massager and electric blankets – If you can afford than buy them foot massager or foot spa from good companies like Osim or Beurer so that if they feel tired they can get relax. Electric blankets are very good thing too to keep them warm and cozy.

13- Family trips – Plan a family trip every 4th 6th or 8th month with them.It will keep them connected with you and happy too.

14- Talk to them – call your parents regularly and for long time.make sure to take their advise on tiny issues as they feel wanted and important in family.

Happy parenting to you all!

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10 Premium n cashless ways to pamper your kids!


It is not always about money which makes happy your kids. We are actually missing lot of ways to pamper our kids just like our parents or grand parents used to do with us. Earth, air,atmosphere and human all are same but technology and money is changing the life styles so rapidly that we are loosing the basic ways to live life.

So that way so many kids are looking at pampering the different perspective. Pampering means gadgets and fancy things for them. But yes we can change the way they look at life now a days by following simple steps.

1- Grand Parents connection – Be it his or her parents in couple just let your kids go frequently to them, learn things and discuss with them for long hours. Companionship is best if it is from blood relatives.The kids feel confident and more experienced too. They get an extra pair of ears to listen to their doubts and happiness day by day.

2- Long naps – Let your kids sleep once in a while for long. They will feel relaxed and fresh.In busy educational schedules this kind of breaks actually helps them in getting up feeling more pampered from your side.

3- Favorite home made food – Kids always love most the food they loved since childhood and lot many times chances are that they love what mother or grand mother used to cook for them. Let them enjoy personal touch. Cook for them and show that you care.One of the best way to pamper your kid is self cooking.It takes time and passion to do that.

4- Bed time stories – No matter how small they are or how big they are, talk to them while they are about to retire for bed. Bed time stories, small talks or some personal problem discussion.Let them feel important and a strong hug gives them instant feeling of being cozy and stress free.

5- Head and foot massage – After bath foot massage feels great and while they are off to bed head massage gives great comfy feeling. Do it every second day without missing it. Set alarm for it and give them head and foot massages. The personal touch is very important if kids are very young or teenagers. It keeps them focused in family too.More personal touch you have with kids on regular basis less they are attracted to wrong people around them.

6- Exploring new things – New art, new game, new show on tv whatever is new explore with them. ask their opinion, ask them to learn and teach and let them feel that their help matters a lot. You will get extra pair of eyes and mind to help you out with a feel that they are capable of helping you out. One of my friend do this a lot and now a days she is learning computer programming from her 12 years old daughter.

7- Small rides together – If small kids take a small belted ride in front seat and if it is adult kid than also let him sit with you and go out for a ride together. They will learn the way you drive or follow the rules of traffic. Or if they are adult kid and have driving license  than also you can ask them to take you to somewhere you don’t know in the city. Let them drive and you can also explore new ways to go there. It is actually a different way to go same road but with different view.

8- Cuddling – Yup kids love cuddles from parents. Cuddles make our world much better because it gives an instant feeling of being loved and pampered. And it is free too. How do u feel yourself when your father hugs you or some good friend hugs you?Same with kids. Hug them tight and cuddle them. Everyday try to cuddle them.

9- Laughing together – Yes it is also getting rare within family to laugh together. And no jokes are actually required too.If you ever had some maddening n giggling memory than recall it or share some tv show moments too. Getting a laugh together is a best way to pamper your kids. They feel happy and more closer to you.

10- Talk their school or office – Show interest and let them tell you about their classmates or colleagues. Their teachers or bosses. Start a never ending talk so tat if something great happens in school they will feel more urge to tell you first. Don’t let the social technology take their life for granted. Be the first person to hear the thing.Finest way to pamper them.

Happy life!

10 Reasons every kid should pray and meditate everyday.


Since my childhood I have two best friends. One is Sikh and other one is Muslim. I am a Hindu. We three grew up seeing each other following our religions with great respect. When I see three of us I found ourselves more compassionate and helping rather than those who are actually selfish people. Trust me those who never try to follow a routine to pray or meditate are more stressed and tensed always.I found several reasons that our coming generations should follow the prayer or meditate or religious practices with more enthusiasm on regular basis so that they can be less selfish and less stressed.

I did a little research online and personally and found that there are numbers of benefits of praying regularly. So thought of writing  up those things in a short essay to reach more people with a point that kids should pray and meditate more.

1- Early morning rituals are beneficial – Yes it is a strong point for early childhood. The moment kids start following early morning regime their days become more balanced and creative.They feel less lethargic and more curious all the day. Becoz not a single religion or practice says that you gt up at 10 am and perform rituals at 12 noon. Getting up early, cleaning and washing yourself means kids will feel more responsible to follow you and your routine.It creates a sense of being grown up too.

2- Being clean always is good – Once kids start early morning prayers and religious rituals they start noticing that whatever belongs to God needs clean hand and pure heart. They become less naughty or mischievous. They also start taking care of surroundings being clean always.

3- Physical fitness – Getting early means kids get more time to follow some good exercise or home work. They will get time to pay some attention to their body like getting a nice massage from parents or going out for a walk with grand parents or other family members. Nobody takes a sleeping kid to walks or part but a clean happy chirpy kid is always welcomed by all. Isn’t it?

4- Concentration in studies – Kids who pray regularly are always more energetic and less stressed during the exams. Praying heals them from daily stress and gives them internal peace in heart that they are connected with the almighty or a supreme power. They became more focused in the studies and face life obstacles in stronger way always.

5- Respecting society – Ever saw that small city kids are more obedient and respects the local culture and values rather than those who are residents of bigger cities or metros?It is obvious because being from small cities these kids are much more influenced from religious practices, prayers and meditation things. They get more opportunities to visit religious places rather than those kids who live in big cities or abroad.

6- Obedient towards adults advises – Once kids start religious practices or prayers or meditation they become more peaceful at heart and polite in behave. They tend to follow what adults suggest them on daily basis.Praying kids start differentiating between good and wrong because they become more patience at heart and mind.Because they are stress free always.

7- Social harmony – Not a single religion on this earth teaches manipulation of the other religion.Kids become more progressive and more tolerant after start praying in .They start learning early age that how important is own peace and harmony as well as others harmony too. They meditate and realize at an early age that society is full of different religions and practices.We should respect each other’s sentiments.

8- Family connectivity – Praying together lot many times gives a mental security and more bonding in between.This is a reason that joint family kids are more tolerant, happy heart and caring always.It is family bonding during the religious practices and praying together which controls every kids all in all progress of character.It is very important thing.Even if you have nuclear family still insist on praying together once a day.

9- Career orientation – Kids who pray or meditate regularly are more confident and smart rather than those who actually don’t have any kind of systematic beliefs in life. Kids who excel a lot in life are actually more diversified and devoted for following a regular regime to move ahead and high always.

10- World peace – The moment kids know that how important is others religion as well as theirs they become more caring and sharing citizens.They lead the society towards more charity works because they see doing their parents same from their early childhood.They do what they are taught from childhood to give back to society more through religious charities lot many times.It really matters.

Take your kids to religious charity programs, social meditation programs and inspire them to pray every day.This will help them a lot in living a progressive happy and healthy life.May be we are more sick and lonely because we are praying less now a days.

Happy praying!

Dresses from Oasis, Monsoon & Zara!

It is not an easy task to find perfect dress for a daughter who grows up fast and wears 4-5 sizes bigger to her age.(Thanks to adulteration free and less polluted life style in the Middle East) and little bit credit goes to the gym & swimming too.

So every year I am watching my little daughter growing up fast, leaving behind Mother care & Gap brands for kids. She is in between a teenager and after toddler age.So what I do is to start searching online what is coming up spring summer fashion this year for the girls or women in dresses and to go for the smallest size. It fits the bill perfectly.

So here is what I have liked so far from my favorite three brands for her.

1- Oasis Stores – When you looking at this brand, you will be stunned on the finesse of cloth and quality of stitching of these dress. They are the finest and little high in pricing. But when you compare the quality, satisfaction is guaranteed.

oasis floral

V & A Louise dress

This one is first I bought for my daughter Bhavya. I wished to buy it for myself for vaccation but finally ended is buying for my daughter.

oasis floral stripe

Chelsea floral skater dress

Size was not available otherwise this was my first choice for her.

oasis chelsea

Garden print skater dress

This one came in stock after few weeks when I finished my shopping.

Other below mentioned dresses I saw online and personally and felt them as good buys in design, prints and colors.

Monsoon / Accessories


I loved all of Zara dresses much  more because they are very easy on pocket.

This summer these dresses will rock the shelf and those who really have taste for good prints and fine clothing!